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Caroline Kennedy, JPKF Program Committee Chairperson noted that “The unemployment rate for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is 80%. We have a strong tradition of supporting community inclusion through innovations such as business ownership, and this loan fund represents another of our commitments to both economic and social equality. I strongly urge others, especially the business community, to support this effort through donations to the K-Fund and through concentrated hiring efforts.”

In 2013, GHA partnered with the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation (JPKF) to establish the K-Fund

The K-Fund is a unique microloan fund designed specifically to assist employment-seekers with disabilities to explore their full potential, discover their strengths, extend their capabilities further than ever before.

The K-Fund takes an asset-based investment approach toward helping people pursue their work goals. It gives people the power to purchase needed items to create job options and unlock work opportunities. These items include, but are not limited to:  business start-up or expansion costs, tools and equipment used on a job, training and education, workplace technology, and transportation.

The K-Fund is also a problem-solving tool

Individuals with disabilities are frequently unemployed or underemployed and don’t have—or are not allowed to have—control over the financial capital needed to create or respond to work opportunities in real-time. The K-Fund can move quickly and works best when used in concert with VR funding, PASS Plans, and other available economic development resources.

Due to limited income and assets, employment seekers with disabilities are often not considered credit-worthy by traditional financial institutions. Using the K-Fund, GHA acts as a 3rd party guarantor of a 100% secured loan. To do this, GHA, partnering with local employment providers, agrees to place funds equal to the principle of the employment-seeker loan in a CD at a local financial institution. The financial institution then provides a loan to the employment-seeker, with the GHA CD pledged as collateral. Loan rates are typically the prime lending rate plus 1%. This design streamlines the loan process, requires no collateral from the employment-seeker and is no risk to the financial institution making the loan.

Financial support through the K-Fund is restricted to individuals served by organizations affiliated will Griffin-Hammis Associates projects.

Contact GHA for more information or to make a tax-deductible donation to the K-Fund by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

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