Welcome to the Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant (CBTAC) website.

CBTAC is a proprietary training and consultative system developed and implemented by Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA) and its non-profit branch the Center for Social Capital (CSC). CBTAC addresses the needs of state Vocational Rehabilitation and other disability agencies as they increase their use of self-employment and microenterprise to meet the needs of their customers.

CBTAC methods blend the use of rigorous business and economic development strategies with extensive attention to the impacts of sales revenue on public benefits, the use of Customized Employment strategies for refining business ideas and supports, leveraging and amalgamating diverse finance and funding streams, and building enterprises that reflect the vocational themes, interests and skills of the individual owner.

CBTAC is an all-inclusive approach to business development based on the extensive international experience of GHA and CSC. The methods taught and detailed in extensive materials and examples address strategies and supports used by individuals with physical, psychiatric, developmental, sensory, and other disabilities. These methods are also being employed by organizations serving Veterans, or adults and transition-age youth with traumatic brain injuries or autism.

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CBTAC creates a network of qualified vendors across our partner states that VR Counselors, and other private, federal, and state agency personnel can rely upon for quality self-employment and microenterprise services.

Each state has multiple customization options. Some prefer a hands-on, live classroom setting for most of the training and re-certification. In other instances we developed asynchronous self-study web-based courses, while in some states we host real-time internet classes in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University, with live forums moderated by Griffin-Hammis/Center for Social Capital experts.

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The Job Developer's Handbook
The Job Developer's Handbook
Practical Tactics for Customized Employment
By Cary Griffin, David Hammis & Tammara Geary