Why Not Start At the Top

We Believe There are Unlimited Ways to Make a Living

Self-Employment is the Fastest-Growing Employment Option in the World

For more than 20 years, people with disabilities have thrown conventional entrepreneurial wisdom out the window by demonstrating time and again that given the right support and a solid market match, anyone can own and operate a successful business.

In fact, the flexibility and creativity inherent in business design make self-employment the optimal path to employment for some who experience the most substantial barriers to employment.

Plan. Launch. Succeed.

For people with disabilities, the most successful and lucrative businesses result from pairing GHA’s unique process of Discovering Personal Genius™ with functional market research.

The right planning ensures that the business will match the prospective business owner’s skills and interests and generate enough money to reach financial goals. All business owners rely on support from family, friends, and paid services such as accountants or bookkeepers. Planning for support and accommodations allows the creation of sustainable businesses that can grow and flourish over time.

Show Us the Funding

As the business concept forms, GHA works with prospective business owners and team members to identify and access a variety of creative funding sources.  State Vocational Rehabilitation agencies, Social Security Plans to Achieve Self-Support (PASS), and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) lead the way as common funding sources.

While there is no universal funding source, GHA has supported hundreds of business owners to develop comprehensive resource plans to launch and grow their ventures, one company at a time.

Additional GHA Self-Employment Resources

We have additional resource materials available on the subject of Self-Employment. Please click the links below to download them for use at any time. If you require further assistance or would like to discuss Self-Employment, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

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Training and certification programs are available Onsite, Online, or through customized, Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Please connect to our training platforms through the links below. If you require further assistance, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

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