Building Great Leadership,

Innovative Management, and Transformative Policies

Leadership, Management, and Transformation

Driving Policy Through Innovation

Innovation and transformation drive policy. Cutting-edge employment services require great leadership, abundant management skills, and transformative policies that effectively align with organizational practices. Organizations must take action at all levels to achieve real outcomes that provide a return on investment to all stakeholders, especially job seekers with disabilities. Implementing evidence-based customized employment services is steeped in organizational cultural change.

Realizing and Expanding Potential Through Organizational Mentorship

Griffin-Hammis Associates guides organizational transformation through a combination of immersion training and side-by-side mentorship and technical assistance.  Our core team of associates has over 100 years of leadership experience as Program Managers, Executive Directors, Board Members, Family Members, Policy Consultants, Advocates, and Direct Support Professionals.

GHA’s most effective leadership development package is based on our six-tier organizational development model. Customized to each community and agency, this curriculum includes a mix of highly interactive and experience-based classroom instruction, intensive team consultation, and individual mentoring.

The six tiers include:

  • Refining Values, Mission, and Purpose
  • Aligning Federal and State Policy Mandates (WIOA, Medicaid Settings Rule)
  • Innovating Management Techniques
  • Facilitating Knowledge Transfer at all levels of the organization
  • Transforming Team Design
  • Evaluating Performance through Continuing Quality Improvement and Return on Investment

“Griffin-Hammis is simply the best of the best!" 

"Each team member not only impacts lives on an individual basis as they begin exploring the work world 1:1, but also on a state, and national level through advocacy, training, systems alignment and reform, organizational transformation, research and analysis, publications, and presentations.  Recognized throughout the world as subject matter experts and thought leaders, input from the GHA team is sought out by those truly committed to a vision where ‘everyone works’ means ‘everyone is really working,’ regardless of support needs.”

Debbie Ball
VP Employment Services
Easter Seals Southern California

Training is Available Onsite, Online, or Through Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Choose the Option that Works Best For You.

Training and certification programs are available Onsite, Online, or through customized, Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Please connect to our training platforms through the links below. If you require further assistance, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

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