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Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant (CBTAC) for Florida


The Certified Business Technical Assistance Consultant (CBTAC) training certifies workforce professionals to support individuals with disabilities to pursue self-employment. The certification is provided through The Center for Social Capital, Inc. d/b/a Griffin-Hammis Associates and requires initial certification as well as annual re-certification.

Currently, only two state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies (Texas and Florida VR) require this CBTAC certification. However, the training can be customized for Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and provider agency staff in other states supporting customers interested in self-employment.

Initial Certification

The initial certification training consists of six 2-week modules that are instructor-led and self-paced. Course materials are accessed through Moodle and include readings, recorded video, activities, assignments, and live or written discussion board requirements. Each module takes approximately 5 hours to complete. The six modules include: 

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Customized Self-Employment and Discovering Personal Genius 
  • Module 2 – Business Concept Development and Market Research 
  • Module 3 – Operations and Marketing 
  • Module 4 – Business Financials 
  • Module 5 – Social Security Benefits Analysis  
  • Module 6 – Business Plan Development 

CBTAC certification requires completion of all assignments and an 80%+ score on the final exam.  

Certified Rehabilitation Counselors are eligible for 23 CRC credits for completing this training. Upon successful completion of the CBTAC course, Certified Rehabilitation Counselors can obtain the CRC Verification of Completion document from their instructor. 


Maintaining the CBTAC credential requires 5 credit hours of continuing education per year beginning the calendar year after initial certification. Re-certification courses offer a variety of topics related to business development and expansion. These re-certification courses can be accessed through GHA’s MyCBTAC online portal. The annual cost of re-certification is $100 paid to GHA.  

For More Information on Becoming a CBTAC

Florida Workforce Staff and Private Providers in Florida

If you are interested in becoming a Florida CBTAC, you must contact Florida VR to be nominated for the course. GHA can only accept those candidates nominated by Florida VR. To be considered, you can: 

  • Email VRVendors@vr.fldoe.org indicating your interest in becoming a CBTAC.  Include a description of your experience working with people with disabilities and your experience with self-employment (if any).


If you are not from Texas or Florida and are interested in learning more about the CBTAC program in general, please email:   


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