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Everyone Has A Place Where They Can Be Successful. Everyone.

Our Work is Based on an Unwavering Principle

All people, given the right support, can build meaningful and financially rewarding careers. The question is not if work is possible (it is!) but rather what work is the best fit for that person. Customized Employment is designed to answer this question, beginning with GHA’s unique process of Discovering Personal Genius.

Discovery is premised on the idea that tests alone – or even the observations of long-time helping professionals – are often not the best predictors of the skills, interests, capacities, and motivations of the individual. Instead, Discovery begins by meeting people in their homes and leads to an understanding of that person’s skills, interests, and supportive relationships – all of which are crucial to paving a path to employment.

Discovering Personal Genius culminates with the identification of three vocational themes that become the foundation for customized job development. The process tells us what we need to know in order to shape a successful position for the job-seeker and to move forward with job development.

This is Where the Magic Happens

Customized job development is more than a search for available positions.

Rather, it identifies opportunities for creating or individualizing jobs that benefit both the local business and the job seeker. These opportunities reveal themselves as the vocational themes of the job seekers are matched with the customized needs of businesses.

Once a match is made, GHA provides training and coaching in on-site work support as well as tools for long-term career development.

Additional GHA Customized Employment Resources

We have additional resource materials available on the subject of Customized Employment. Please click the links below to download them for use at any time. If you require further assistance or would like to discuss implementing a Customized Employment Solution in your organization, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

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Training is Available Onsite, Online, or Through Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Choose the Option that Works Best For You.

Training and certification programs are available Onsite, Online, or through customized, Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Please connect to our training platforms through the links below. If you require further assistance, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at Thank you.

Schedule Onsite Training

Schedule Onsite Training

Learn more about GHA’s in-person Customized Employment training.

Online Training

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Learn more about GHA’s on-line Customized Employment training that can meet your needs for either the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE) Certificate or basic training in CE components.

Technical assistance and mentoring

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

Learn more about our professional Technical Assistance and Mentoring that develop staff competencies needed to effectively implement Customized Employment and achieve quality employment outcomes.