At Griffin-Hammis Associates, We Believe...

There is Genius in Everyone

In Abundance Theory

In a Bias Toward Action

That Employment is an Economic Enterprise

At Griffin-Hammis Associates We Put Our Beliefs Into Action

There is Genius In Everyone

We Believe...

  • That everyone has a story to tell
  • That people are the experts of their own lives
  • In the power of families, friends, and community
  • In essence, subtlety, nuance, complexity, and contradiction
  • That skills are not static and that learning is lifelong
  • That a past dominated by segregation and constricted opportunities must never be used to limit future success

We Believe...

  • That there are unlimited ways to make a living in the world
  • That opportunities live within communities of all sizes
  • That if it doesn’t exist, we can create it so that everyone can use it
  • That “someday” is too long and that “never” is not an option
  • In adventure, joyful instigation, and having a good time
  • In the power of reciprocity

In Abundance Theory

In A Bias Towards Action

We Believe...

  • In emergent problem solving instead of predetermined solutions
  • In taking action and in taking risks
  • That to make choices, people must have experiences
  • Discover, create, and develop are verbs
  • That often there is more to learn from being wrong than being right
  • In getting our hands dirty, working alongside, not on behalf of people

We Believe...

  • That the high unemployment rate for people with disabilities is not the result of a flaw in the system; it is the system
  • That job development is economic development, not charity or pity
  • That wages are the residue of profit
  • That all people are inherently assets
  • In creating communities of economic cooperation
  • That communities benefit when all people are fully represented
  • That overcoming fear is essential to overcoming poverty

Employment is an Economic Enterprise

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