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There is Genius in Everyone

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That Employment is an Economic Enterprise

Welcome to Griffin-Hammis Associates

Griffin-Hammis Associates (GHA) is an award-winning, internationally recognized pioneer in the field of customized employment services for people with disabilities.

Our full-service consulting firm works in partnership with government agencies, employment providers, business leaders, family members and job seekers to transform systems, lives, and communities.

We understand that achieving customized employment goals requires more than simply training providers in our rigorously-tested methods. True success can only be attained as a result of effective partnerships and actionable plans that fully embrace the possible.

We are dedicated to creating systems of support that enable diverse people, with disabilities of all types, to work in jobs that are productive, financially rewarding, and life-affirming.

At GHA, We Place an Emphasis On:

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High-Quality Training and Technical Consultation

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Project Development and Management Services

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Inventive Service Delivery

Our Core Mission


GHA’s work begins by orienting providers to the customized employment process – and our unique approach to Discovering Personal Genius.™

GHA's training

  • Grounds practitioners in a common vision and values
  • Fosters a common language and goals
  • Teaches basic implementation processes and skills

Perhaps most important, the training addresses fears, prejudices, and other types of emotional obstacles that must be overcome to ensure successful outcomes.


Mentoring providers helps to bridge critical gaps between knowledge and implementation and enables providers to translate their training into practice as they begin to work with a job-seeker.

GHA's mentoring:

  • Enhances the confidence and skills of providers
  • Builds their fluency with this type of service delivery
  • Increases fidelity to best-practices
  • Ensures that employment outcomes improve


To implement customized employment with fidelity, employment service organizations must also ensure that their policy and practices – both formal and de facto – support best-practices for service delivery.

Customized employment transformation often involves cultural change across an organization and requires the commitment of engaged leaders. GHA provides training and mentoring to support transformation at every level, from employment supervisors to mid-level managers, to the Executive Leadership Team.


GHA collaborates with public agency leaders to design an infrastructure that is capable of both implementing effective customized employment programs and of supporting that work over the long-term.

Sustainability planning ensures that:

  • Services are delivered by employment providers with consistency and compassion
  • Quality control measures are in place
  • Outcomes are effectively assessed
  • Public policies exist to advance the work
  • Stakeholders at all levels are able to participate in a feedback loop that engenders continuous improvement

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