A Win-Win for Government and Job Seekers

Improving Service Systems

Creating the Win-Win

Employment as an economic enterprise is a win-win game. Work not only provides access to wages and increased economic standing, but it also allows people to build social networks that enhance or replace systems of support, pay taxes, spend money in their communities and shatter stereotypes.

Government has a critical role to play helping people with disabilities get the assistance they need to transition to employment.

Working with GHA, public agencies can also ensure that their resources are deployed in the most efficient and effective way possible for this purpose.

Designing Sustainable, Responsive, and Accountable Systems

GHA works with public agency leaders to design an infrastructure that is capable of overseeing the implementation of effective customized employment programs and of supporting that work over the long-term.

By “support” we mean ensuring that:

  • Public agencies achieve efficiencies through shared resources and expertise
  • Services are delivered by employment providers with fidelity, effectiveness, and compassion
  • Quality control measures are in place
  • Outcomes are properly assessed
  • Public policies exist to advance the work
  • Stakeholders at all levels are able to participate in a feedback loop that engenders continuous improvement.

Additional GHA Resources

Please click the links below to download additional Improving Service Systems resource materials. If you require further assistance or would like to discuss implementing a Customized Employment Solution in your organization, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at info@griffinhammis.com. Thank you.

"Utah’s partnership with Griffin Hammis has been instrumental in building capacity and creating opportunities for youth and young adults to obtain employment. The CE demonstration projects laid the groundwork for Utah’s ongoing School to Work Interagency Transition Initiative.  GHA staff have provided extraordinary training and technical assistance working alongside each local coalition while supporting the funding partners to align policies and practices."

Tricia Jones-Parkin
Utah School to Work Initiative Project Director
Utah State University-Center for Persons with Disabilities

Pictured with
Kelie Hess
Employment and Community Integration Program Manager
Utah State University-Center for Persons with Disabilities

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Training and certification programs are available Onsite, Online, or through customized, Technical Assistance and Mentoring. Please connect to our training platforms through the links below. If you require further assistance, please contact GHA by phone at (470) 223-3936 or by email at info@griffinhammis.com. Thank you.

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