Sample 3-day live classroom training option
as used by some VR systems

The 3-day immersion certification training is an intensive session designed to cover all aspects of business plan development including but not limited to:

Training is a mixture of lecture and hands-on activities, with participants developing a business based on an actual scenario and using this as a tool for assessing feasibility, analyzing benefits, and creating comprehensive business financials, etc. Facility requirements include access to computers (at least one computer per four participants). Participants are required to attend all days of the session with no exceptions in order to meet the criteria for certification.  Additionally, following the training, all participants are required to complete an extensive two-part field assignment, reviewed by GHA/CSC staff prior to certification award.

Another option is using the VCU webinar system, in combination with live classroom training. A sample of Florida’s approach is included below, and it is similar in content to the approach taken by both the Texas Dept. of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission.

CBTAC Online Certification
5- Week Course Overview

Week 1: 
Introduction to Customized Self-Employment and the CBTAC Certification Program


Overview of Customized Self-Employment presented by Cary Griffin

Overview of State CBTAC Program presented by Beth Keeton

CBTAC Initial Meeting & Business Design Team presented by Beth Keeton

Lissie’s Luv Yums presented by Lissie Clark & Sister Johnelle Howanach (interviewed by Cary Griffin)

Supplementary Materials:

Quizzes and assignments related to content area incorporated into materials

Week 2:
Module 1- Business Concept Development


Person-Centered Business Discovery presented by Cary Griffin

Linking Discovery to Business Development presented by Cary Griffin

CBTAC Module 1: Outcomes & Report presented by Beth Keeton

A Self-Employment Success Story presented by Don Whittecar

Supplementary Materials:

Week 3
Module 2- Market Research and Benefits Analysis


Market Research & Assessing Feasibility presented by Beth Keeton

SSA Benefits Analysis presented by Beth Keeton

CBTAC Module 2: Outcomes & Report presented by Beth Keeton

What is a PASS? How can PASS be used to support Self-Employment? presented by Molly Sullivan

A Personal Journey with Work Incentives- Using PASS for Self-Employment presented by Suzanne McKinley

Supplementary Materials:

Week 4
Module 3- Developing the Operations & Marketing Plans and Business Financials


Small Business Marketing, Promotion, & Sales presented by Cary Griffin

Operations Plans & Business Financials presented by Beth Keeton

CBTAC Module 3: Outcomes & Report presented by Beth Keeton

CRPs & Self-Employment presented by Dave Hammis & Beth Durkee

Small Business Development Centers: An Interview with Bill Wersell, Director, Toledo SBDC presented by Bill Wersell

Supplementary Materials:

Week 5
Module 4- Business Plan Development


Writing the Business Plan presented by Beth Keeton

CBTAC Implementation Hours & Case Closure presented by Beth Keeton

M4: Outcomes & Report presented by Beth Keeton

Start a Small Business, Grow a Small Business presented by Fred Esposito

Supplementary Materials:

Another option involves the 5-part asynchronous customized self-employment course developed by Griffin-Hammis Associates and the Center for Social Capital and hosted by Essential Learning Company. These self-paced, asynchronous classes can be taken as the full 5-part course, or each of the classes can be purchased separately. If a CBTAC vendor certification is desired, GHA/CSC will work with your agency to develop and score work-applied field assignments to supplement the course and to guarantee subject mastery. A link to the course is also found under the Links section of this website. Click here to see a sample Work-Applied Field Assignment.

Our Customized Employment classes are also found using this link.

CBTAC is being customized and replicated across the country. GHA/CSC is the most experienced and successful organization supporting self-employment for individuals with disabilities. We co-direct the national technical assistance and training center for self-employment and disability with our partner the RRTC at VCU, originally funded by the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Office of Disability and Employment Policy. Materials and resources can be found at

We have references available upon request and are happy to customize a CBTAC program for your state.

Information on the CBTAC program along with vendor applications/requirements can be provided by contacting Cary Griffin or Beth Keeton.