Person-Centered Thinking & Employment

This two-part webinar series grounds participants in the philosophy and values that underpin best-practices in community employment. Designed for all disability services professionals -- including educators, case managers, DSPs, VR counselors, and CRP staff -- the series challenges participants to think directly about employment possibilities and how they can actively support better employment outcomes. (Participants receive 5 CRCs for attending both webinars.)

Webinar Recordings:

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Everyone Can Work - You Make it Happen!

This powerful, four-module online course provides a framework for person-centered thinking, planning, and implementation. The self-paced course includes short, interactive lessons and activities that support growth in the person-centered thinking and actions required to provide truly individualized services that lead to quality employment outcomes for all. (Students receive 8 CRCs for completing the course.)

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Iowa Blueprint for Change - Everyone Can Work Summit

The Iowa Blueprint for Change's Everyone Can Work Summit invites participants to gather with other employment partners at the November ICIE Coalition meeting! Join us for lively conversation as we explore Iowa's "state of the State" in employment services and identify critical opportunities to make meaningful and financially rewarding competitive integrated employment a reality for all Iowans with disabilities.

Lunch: Lunch will be provided. We will be ordering lunch from In the Bag. Please provide your lunch order when you register, including any dietary restrictions.

Please note: For State of Iowa employees, this lunch is considered a taxable meal, which will be reflected in your paycheck.

Register (November 16, 10-3 CST):