Webinar Recordings

Community Conversations: Informational Interviews - A Genuine Approach to Employer Engagement (6/4/21)

Community Conversations: Why Is Assembly Not a Vocational Theme? (5/14/21)

CE Conversations: Pandemic Financial First Aid for People Who Get Government Benefits (1/8/21)

CE Conversations: Systematic Instruction in the Time of COVID (12/4/20)

CE Conversations: Families (10/2/20)

CE Conversations: Ethics of Customized Employment (9/18/2020)

CE Conversations: PASS as a Resource in Post-Pandemic Planning (7/24/2020)

CE Conversations: Customized Job Development Stories from the Road (7/17/2020)

CE Conversations: Post-Pandemic and Social Transformation Community Employment Policies 2021-2030 (7/10/2020)

CE Conversations: Why a Consultative Approach to Customized Employment Makes Sense During the Coronavirus Pandemic (6/19/2020)

CE Conversations: Families and Customized Employment During Changing Times (6/12/2020)

CE Conversations: Developing and Harnessing Social Capital (Part 2) (6/5/2020)

Organizational Leadership During Uncertain Times: Challenges and Opportunities (6/3/2020)

CE Conversations: Resource Ownership and Self-Employment -- Capitalizing on Business Opportunities During the Economic Recovery (5/29/2020)

Introduction to the Job Development Fidelity Scale (JDFS) (5/26/2020)

CE Conversations: Job Development During a Pandemic Recovery (5/22/2020)

Introduction to the Discovery Fidelity Scale (DFS) (5/19/2020)

Supporting Small Business Owners During the COVID-19 Restrictions (5/18/2020)

Transition (5/13/2020)

I Can See Myself Working and You Can Too: Getting to Know Job Seekers Remotely! (5/12/2020)

CE Conversations: Customized Employment in a Virtual World (5/8/2020)

Post-Pandemic Employment Policies (5/5/2020)

CE Conversations: Supporting Small Business Owners During COVID-19 (5/1/2020)

Informational Interviews: How to Connect with Businesses (4/30/2020)

Unemployment Insurance, Economic Impact Payments, and the COVID 19 Emergency (4/23/2020)

Customized Employment in the Time of COVID-19 (4/20/2020)